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Yohoho and a bottle of rum!

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  • pirateandrum@livejournal.com
This is a crossover rpg between POTC and LOTR, taking place in the POTC universe, and there may be slash and adult situations. Main characters so far are Jack Sparrow, Haldir, Murphy (OMC), Bill (OMC) and later Tia Palma, Norrington and others. It is done via chats, and posted when a scene is done. If you are interested in joining the rpg, please apply for membership in the community, and we will get back to you.

The background: After having stayed in Lothlorien when Galadriel sailed west, Lord Celeborn moved to Imladris to stay with his grandsons and a few of his people who decided to remain with him. Among these are Haldir and his brothers. In the end they all decide to leave Middle Earth with the last remaining elven ship. Lord Celeborn packs everything left of value from both Lothlorien and Imladris, not wanting to leave anything behind. Some of the boxes and crates are stored on deck, since there isn't room for everything below.

Far out in the sea, further than any human ships can sail, their ship is tossed into an unexpected storm. While everybody else stay below, Haldir and his brothers brave the weather to secure Celeborn's crates with more ropes. A huge wave splashes down over them, and and Haldir is washed overboard with a runaway crate. He manages to tie himself to the crate with his rope before falling unconscious.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in totally unknown waters, still floating on the crate. A sailship sees him and picks him up... and Haldir finds himself onboard the Black Pearl. The captain, Jack Sparrow, tells him that this particular stretch of ocean is called the Bermuda Triangle where unexplainable things happen and both ships and people can suddenly disappear or turn up. Haldir's arrival has not gone unnoticed by other pirates, and neither have the mysterious elvish crates that keep turning up. What will happen if they end up in the wrong hands?